Doomsday Meteor


Release_Date: Apr 28,2023

DVD Release Date: May 28,2023

VOD Release Date: Apr 28,2023

EST Release Date: Apr 28,2023

SVOD Release Date: Aug 28,2023

A meteor bigger than the moon, and unseen by Earth until now, has less than a week until planetary impact. Scientists try to stop the giant mass with rockets armed with high-powered lasers. When that fails they land on the asteroid, mounting it with rockets in an attempt to push its orbit away from Earth. But as the team continues to run into problems they never imagined, the future of Mankind becomes more and more bleak.

Year: 2023

Genre: Disaster, Action, Science Fiction

Run Time: 90 min

Producer(s): David Michael Latt

Director: Noah Luke

Writer: Joe Roche, Lauren Pritchard

Cast: Patrick Labyorteaux, Caroline Williams, Joseph Michael Harris, Anthony Jensen

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