Death Valley: The Revenge of Bloody Bill


Release_Date: Oct 26,2004

DEATH VALLEY: THE REVENGE OF BLOODY BILL tells the legend of real-life confederate raider, William Anderson, who mercilessly slaughtered men, women, and children until he was brutally executed in the town of Sunset Valley. Rising from the dead as a demon from Hell, Bloody Bill preys on all who enter the ghost town. Now a group of college students must find a way to destroy the monster or be doomed to serve in his army of living dead.

Year: 2004

Genre: Horror

Run Time: 88 min

Producer(s): Sherri Strain, David Michael Latt, David Rimawi

Director: Byron Werner

Writer: John Yuan, Matt Yuan

Cast: Chelsea Jean, Jeremy Bouvet, Scott Carson, Gregory Bastein, Matt Marraccini, Denise Boutte

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