VOD Release Date: Jan 09,2015

DVD Release Date: Feb 10,2015

Theatrical Release Date: Jan 09,2015

Frustrated by her high pressure job and an underwhelming love life, the daughter of a wealthy real-estate broker is easily seduced by a younger man. Taken by his confidence and piercing, dangerous eyes, she submits when he leads her to a BDSM club and introduces her to a world of whips, chains, and domination. But when the young man begins to physically and mentally abuse her and stalk her younger daughter, she uses her newly awakened sexual prowess to take charge of her own life and turn the tables on her aggressor.

Year: 2014

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Romance

Run Time: 91 min

Producer(s): David Michael Latt, David Rimawi, Paul Bales

Director: Jared Cohn

Writer: Jared Cohn

Cast: Charisma Carpenter, Daniel Baldwin, Terrell Owens

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