2025 ArmageddonAction, Creature, Disaster2022
Ape vs. Mecha ApeAction, Creature, Science Fiction2023
Battle for PandoraAction, Creature, Science Fiction2022
Doomsday MeteorDisaster, Action, Science Fiction2023
Headless HorsemanAdventure, Action, Thriller2022
The Little MermaidFamily, Animation/Anime/Etc2023
Transmorphers: Mech BeastsAction, Science Fiction2023
4 Horsemen: ApocalypseAction, Science Fiction2022
Dracula: The Original Living VampireThriller, Horror2021
Love LetterRomance, Comedy2022
Moon CrashScience Fiction, Action, Disaster2022
#1 Cheerleader CampComedy2010
100 Below ZeroAction, Disaster, Science Fiction2013
100 Ghost Street: The Return of Richard SpeckHorror2012
100 Million BCScience Fiction, Action, Creature2008
18 Year Old VirginComedy2009
200 MPHAction2011
2010: Moby DickCreature, Action2010
2012: DoomsdayDisaster, Action, Science Fiction2008
2012: Ice AgeAction, Disaster2011
2012: SupernovaScience Fiction, Action, Disaster2009
2-Headed Shark AttackCreature, Action2011
3 MusketeersAction2011
30,000 Leagues Under the SeaScience Fiction, Action, Creature2007
3-Headed Shark AttackCreature, Action, Science Fiction2015
40 Days and NightsAction, Disaster2012
500 MPH StormAction, Disaster2013
5-Headed Shark AttackCreature, Science Fiction, Action2017
6 GunsWestern, Action2010
666: The BeastHorror2007
666: The ChildHorror2006
6-Headed Shark AttackCreature, Science Fiction, Action2018
8213: Gacy HouseHorror2010
A Haunting in SalemHorror2011
A Snow Globe ChristmasHoliday, Family2013
Abraham Lincoln vs ZombiesAction, Creature2012
Adopting TerrorThriller2012
Adventures of AladdinAction, Adventure2019
AE Apocalypse EarthAction, Science Fiction, Creature2013
Age of DinosaursAction, Science Fiction, Creature2013
Age of IceAction, Science Fiction, Disaster2014
Age of TomorrowScience Fiction, Action, Creature2014
Air CollisionAction, Disaster2012
Airline DisasterAction, Disaster2010
Airplane VS VolcanoScience Fiction, Action, Disaster2014
Alien AbductionHorror, Science Fiction, Creature2005
Alien ConvergenceScience Fiction, Creature, Action2017
Alien OriginCreature, Horror2012
Alien PredatorScience Fiction, Action, Creature2018
Alien SiegeScience Fiction, Sci-Fi2018
Allan Quatermain and the Temple of SkullsAction, Adventure2008
Almighty ThorAction2011
Alone for ChristmasHoliday, Family2013
Alpha HouseComedy2014
American PsychosThriller, Drama2019
American WarshipsAction, War2012
Android CopAction, Science Fiction2014
Anneliese: The Exorcist TapesHorror2011
Apocalypse PompeiiScience Fiction, Action, Disaster2014
Arctic ApocalypseDisaster, Adventure, Action2019
Ardennes FuryAction, War2014
Asian SchoolgirlsAction2014
Asteroid Vs EarthScience Fiction, Action, Disaster2014
Atlantic RimAction, Science Fiction, Creature2013
Atlantic Rim: ResurrectionAction, Creature, Science Fiction2017
AttilaScience Fiction, Action, Creature2013
Avengers GrimmAction, Adventure, Fantasy2015
Avengers Grimm: Time WarsAction, Adventure, Fantasy2018
AVH: Alien vs. HunterScience Fiction, Action, Creature2007
Bachelor NightComedy2014
Bad BloodThriller, Horror2017
Bad GirlThriller, Horror2015
Barely LegalComedy2011
Battle of Los AngelesAction, Creature, Science Fiction2011
Battle Star WarsAdventure, Action, Science Fiction2019
BattledogsAction, Science Fiction, Creature2013
Bermuda TentaclesAction, Creature2014
BigfootAction, Creature2012
Bikini Spring BreakComedy2012
Blood BrothersDrama, Thriller2017
Blood LakeScience Fiction, Action, Creature2014
Born BadThriller2011
BoundDrama, Thriller, Romance2014
Break-Up NightmareThriller, Drama2016
CarGOAnimation/Anime/Etc, Children - Preschool, Children 4-8, Children 6-12, Family2017
Celebrity Sex TapeComedy2012
Christmas BellesComedy, Family, Holiday2019
Cleaver Family ReunionComedy2013
Collision EarthDisaster, Action, Science Fiction2020
Countdown: ArmageddonDisaster, Science Fiction, War, Action2009
D-DayWar, Action2019
Dead 7Horror, Action, Creature, Western, Science Fiction2016
Death RacersAction2008
Death Valley: The Revenge of Bloody BillHorror2004
Doctor DeathDrama, Thriller2019
Dracula's CurseHorror, Fantasy2006
DragonAction, Creature, Fantasy, Adventure2006
Dragon CrusadersAction, Creature, Fantasy, Adventure2011
DragonquestFantasy, Action, Adventure, Creature2009
Dream House NightmareThriller, Drama2017
Elvis Lives!Thriller, Drama2016
Empire of the SharksCreature, Action, Science Fiction2017
End of the WorldDisaster, Science Fiction, Action2018
Evil BornHorror2012
Evil EyesThriller, Action2004
Evil NannyThriller, Drama2016
Exorcism: The Possession of Gail BowersHorror2006
Fast and Fierce: Death RaceAction2020
Flight 666Action, Horror2017
Flight World War IIScience Fiction, Adventure, Action, War2015
ForeclosedThriller, Drama2013
Forgotten EvilThriller2017
Fortune CookieHorror, Thriller, Action2015
Geo-DisasterDisaster, Science Fiction, Action2017
Golden WinterHoliday, Family, Children - Preschool, Children 6-12, Children 4-82012
Grimm's Snow WhiteAction, Fantasy2012
Halloween NightHorror2006
Hansel and GretelHorror, Action2013
Hansel VS GretelHorror, Action2014
Haunting of Whaley HouseHorror2012
Haunting of Winchester HouseHorror2009
Hercules RebornAction, Adventure2014
Hillside CannibalsHorror, Creature2006
Hold Your BreathHorror, Thriller2012
HomewardAnimation/Anime/Etc, Fantasy, Family2020
HornetAction, Creature2018
I Am OmegaAction, Creature2007
Ice SharksScience Fiction, Action, Creature2016
If Looks Could KillThriller, Drama2016
In the Name of Ben-HurAction, Adventure2016
Independents' DayScience Fiction, Action, Creature2016
Invasion of the Pod PeopleScience Fiction, Action2007
Isle of the DeadHorror2016
Izzie's Way HomeFamily, Animation/Anime/Etc, Children - Preschool, Children 4-8, Children 6-122016
Jack the Giant KillerAction, Creature, Fantasy2013
JailbaitThriller, Drama2014
Jane White is Sick and TwistedComedy2003
Journey to the Center of the EarthAction, Creature, Fantasy2008
Jurassic SchoolFamily, Children 6-12, Children 4-8, Children - Preschool2017
KillersThriller, Horror1998
Killers 2: The BeastThriller, Horror2002
King Arthur and the Knights of the Round TableAction, Adventure, Fantasy2017
King of the AntsThriller2003
King of the Lost WorldAction, Adventure, Creature, Fantasy2005
Legion of the DeadHorror, Creature2005
Little Dead Rotting HoodHorror, Creature2015
Locked UpThriller, Drama2017
Lord of the ElvesAction, Fantasy, Sci-Fi2013
Love at the Christmas TableHoliday, Family, Romance2013
Love LetterRomance, Comedy2022
Martian LandScience Fiction, Disaster, Action2015
Mega PiranhaCreature, Action2010
Mega Python vs GatoroidAction, Creature2011
Mega Shark vs CrocosaurusCreature, Action2010
Mega Shark vs Giant OctopusCreature, Action2009
Mega Shark vs KolossusCreature, Action2015
Mega Shark vs Mecha SharkAction, Creature2014
MegaboaAction, Creature2021
MegafaultAction, Disaster2009
MegalodonAction, Science Fiction, Creature2018
MercenariesAction, Adventure2014
Merlin and the War of the DragonsFantasy, Action2008
Meteor ApocalypseScience Fiction, Disaster2010
Mommy Would Never Hurt YouThriller2019
MonsterCreature, Disaster, Action2008
Monster IslandCreature, Action, Sci-Fi2019
Nazi OverlordAction, War, Sci-Fi2018
Nazis at the Center of the EarthAction, Creature2012
Night of the WildScience Fiction, Creature, Action, Horror2015
Nightmare WeddingThriller, Drama2016
Oceans RisingDisaster, Science Fiction, Action2017
Operation DunkirkWar, Action2017
Paranormal EntityHorror, Sci-Fi2009
Pirates of Treasure IslandAction, Adventure2006
PitfighterAction, Urban, Martial Arts2013
Planet of the SharksScience Fiction, Action, Creature2016
Princess and the PonyFamily, Children - Preschool, Children 4-8, Children 6-12, Fantasy2011
Princess of MarsScience Fiction, Action, Fantasy2009
Ready 2 DieAction, Urban2014
Rise of the ZombiesAction, Creature2013
Road WarsAction, Science Fiction, Creature2015
San Andreas Mega QuakeAction, Disaster2019
San Andreas QuakeScience Fiction, Disaster, Action2015
Sex PotComedy2009
ShapeshifterHorror, Creature2005
Shark WeekAction, Creature2012
SharknadoAction, Creature, Disaster2013
Sharknado 2: The Second OneAction, Creature, Disaster2014
Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!Action, Creature, Disaster, Science Fiction, Adventure2015
Sharknado 4: The 4th AwakensAction, Creature, Disaster2016
Sharknado 5: Global SwarmingCreature, Science Fiction, Disaster, Action2017
Sharknado: Feeding FrenzyDocumentary2015
Sharknado: Heart of SharknessComedy, Documentary2015
Sherlock HolmesAction, Creature, Fantasy, Crime2010
Sinbad and the War of the FuriesAdventure, Creature, Action, Fantasy2016
Sinister MinisterThriller, Drama2017
Sinister SquadAction, Fantasy2016
Sleeping BeautyFantasy, Action2014
Snakes on a TrainHorror, Disaster, Creature2006
Social NightmareThriller, Drama, Teen2013
Sorority House PartyComedy1995
Street RacerAction2008
Sunday School MusicalFamily, Musical2008
Super CycloneAction, Disaster, Sci-Fi2012
The 6th FriendHorror2018
The 7 Adventures of SinbadAction, Adventure, Creature2010
The 9/11 Commission ReportDrama, Thriller, Action2006
The Amityville HauntingHorror2011
The ApocalypseAction, Science Fiction, Disaster2007
The Bell Witch HauntingHorror2013
The Coed and the Zombie StonerComedy2014
The Da Vinci TreasureAction, Adventure2006
The Day the Earth StoppedScience Fiction, Action2008
The Fast and The FierceAction, Disaster2017
The Final Level: Escaping RancalaScience Fiction, Adventure, Action2019
The Land that Time ForgotScience Fiction, Creature2009
The Last Sharknado: It's About TimeCreature, Science Fiction, Disaster, Action2018
The Legend of Bloody JackHorror, Creature2007
The Other WifeThriller, Drama2016
The SurgeScience Fiction2001
The TerminatorsScience Fiction, Action, Creature2009
The Young CannibalsHorror, Thriller, Sci-Fi
Titanic IIAction, Disaster2010
Tomb InvaderAction, Adventure2018
Tonight She ComesThriller, Horror2016
Top GunnerAction2020
TransmorphersScience Fiction, Action, Creature2007
Transmorphers: Fall of ManScience Fiction, Action, Creature2009
Triassic WorldScience Fiction, Action, Creature2018
TrollandFamily, Animation/Anime/Etc, Children - Preschool, Children 4-8, Children 6-122016
Troy: The OdysseyFantasy, Adventure, Action, Creature2017
Universal SoldiersAction, Science Fiction, Creature2007
War of the WorldsScience Fiction, Horror, Disaster, Creature2005
War of the Worlds 2: The Next WaveScience Fiction, Disaster, Horror2008
Wuthering HighThriller, Drama, Teen2015
Z Nation_Season 12014
Z Nation_Season 22015
Z Nation_Season 32016
Z Nation_Season 4
Zombie ApocalypseAction, Creature, Horror2011
Zombie NightHorror, Thriller2013
Zombie Spring BreakersHorror2016
ZoombiesHorror, Action, Creature2016
Zoombies 2Action, Horror, Creature2019